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About Us

Black Dog Candles is located in Louisville Kentucky and we hand pour all of our candles individually, providing a premium quality product at an affordable price while helping to boost the local economy.  Our candles contain 3 elements:

- 100% soy wax manufactured here in KY
- A cotton core wick constructed entirely of natural fibers and is lead free
- Premium fragrance oils manufactured here in the U.S., are not tested on animals, and have certificates of compliance from IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).  

At Black Dog Candles we are animal lovers and donate a percentage of all of our proceeds to various animal shelters, including, but not limited to The Animal Care Society, KY Humane Society, Shamrock Foundation, Saving Sunny, and the Arrow Fund here in Louisville, Kentucky. 

*Candle burning tips:  Make sure to burn the candle for 1 hour per diameter of container.  Soy wax is a slow burn and we use cotton core wicks which are a slower burn as well.  To get an even burn pool use this rule of thumb.  Most of our containers are approximately 3" in diameter, so a 3 hour consecutive burn is optimal.

The dogs that started Black Dog Candles
The dogs that started Black Dog Candles