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About Us

Black Dog Candles, est. in 2006, is located in Louisville Kentucky and we hand pour all of our candles individually, providing a premium quality product at an affordable price while helping to boost the local economy.  Our candles contain 3 elements:

- 100% soy wax manufactured here in KY
- A cotton core wick constructed entirely of natural fibers and is lead free
- Premium fragrance oils manufactured here in the U.S., are not tested on animals, and have certificates of compliance from IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).  

At Black Dog Candles we are animal lovers and donate a percentage of all of our proceeds to various animal shelters, including, but not limited to The Animal Care Society, KY Humane Society, Kentucky Animal Relief Fund, and LMAS here in Louisville, Kentucky. 

*Candle burning tips:  Make sure to burn the candle for 1 hour per diameter of container.  Soy wax is a slow burn and we use cotton core wicks which are a slower burn as well.  To get an even burn pool use this rule of thumb.  Most of our containers are approximately 3" in diameter, so a 3 hour consecutive burn is optimal.  Burn to the edge of the container at each burn.  Don't forget to trim your wicks before lighting at each burn.

The dogs that started Black Dog Candles   
The dogs that started Black Dog Candles ❤️

Kristen David - Owner, operator, and head candle maker!

90's high school me with one of my 'original' black dogs.
Never knew then how I would end up now ❤️ Such a sweet boy!

*Did you know? When it comes to adoption, black dogs are often passed over for whatever reason and end up being the last to be adopted, if adopted at all.

Some people may not be aware of the horrifying rate black dogs are euthanized over lighter colored dogs.  While the idea of doggie discrimination sounds strange, “black dog syndrome” does happen.  It is usually an unconscious occurrence and it may explain why black cats have the same problem finding a home.  People whom are superstitious about black cats may unconsciously harbor superstitions about black dogs as well.

Sometimes people may mistake black dogs to be older than other lighter dogs.  This is because they usually have bits of facial hair that may be white or gray, making the dog appear older than he/she really is.  Others may return their black dog to the shelter because they have gotten new furniture and they don’t want the dark hair that their pet sheds.

Another interesting factor that keep black dogs from being adopted is the simple fact that their black coats can make them hard to see in poorly lit kennels.  This can lead to poorly taken photos being posted on the shelters’ web sites which are how many people find the dog they want to adopt.

A lot of shelters will put extra energy into getting their black dogs noticed.  Usually placing a brightly colored ribbon or piece of fabric around their necks help to get these black coated dogs noticed.

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, keep black dogs in mind.  They have the hardest time being adopted out but could end up being your best companion yet!