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3 oz small soy wax melts - Mercy Academy Fundraiser

3 oz small soy wax melts - Mercy Academy Fundraiser

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3 oz package of 6 wax melt cubes. Each cube is 1" x 1". Available in the following 12 scents.  Please select scent of your choice from drop down menu.

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1) Beach House:  A combo of mandarin, jasmine, and ocean mist.

2) Bluegrass:  A blend of wildflowers and freshly mown grass.

3) Bourbonball:  Rich chocolate and pecan with a creamy liqueur base.

4) Citrus Basil:  A classic basil scent with bright citrus tones.

5) Creme Brulee:  Strong blend of butter vanilla with caramel.

6) Dreamsicle:  Sweet and creamy vanilla with fresh orange.

7) Fleur de lis:  A fragrant floral blend of tuberose and lily.

8) Fresh Lavender:  A pure, relaxing fresh lavender scent.

9) Harvest Spice:  A blend of warm cinnamon, spice, and nutmeg.

10) Honeysuckle & Jasmine:  A blend of wild honeysuckle with jasmine notes.

11) Orange Clove & Cinnamon:  A mulling spice type scent of orange, cinnamon, & spice.

12) Sandalwood Vanilla:  A cozy mix of earthy sandalwood and vanilla.