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Welcome to Black Dog Candles!

Besides the incredible aromas, here are some awesome benefits of our candles:

Supporting our Animal Friends. Black Dog Candles donate a percentage of all sales proceeds to local animal shelters where Black Dog products are sold!

Environment. Soy is a renewable resource that supports American farmers. We use 100% soy wax derived here in the U.S., supporting our American farmers.
Longer Burning. Soy lasts as much as 3 times LONGER than regular candles. The average burn time of our 9 oz candle is 72 hours.

Stronger Scent. Soy holds scent better than other waxes. Our candles are heavily drenched in premium fragrance oils. At Black Dog Candles we use the maximum scent load allowed by our soy wax. This allows for an equally strong scent while burning through the entire candle.

Clean Burning & Non-Toxic. Soy produces 90% less soot than other waxes and is non-toxic for those with breathing problems. Black Dog Candles also use a Cotton Core wick which is cleaner burning and contains no lead.

Quality. Last but not least is the quality.  We hand pour all of our candles individually here in Louisville, KY, providing a premium product at an affordable price while helping to boost the local economy including our small business :-)